About One Beet Wellness

Welcome! One Beet Wellness is a boutique food and lifestyle coaching service offering personalized support for busy, go-getter women and men who are inspired to heal themselves. Clients learn to nourish themselves from the inside out using whole foods, natural health, and mindful living; and leave empowered to take ownership of their health. We only have this one precious life, so let’s live it fully!

One Beet Wellness was started by Holistic Health Coach Zoë Keller (me!). Learn more about my story here.

If you’re feeling disconnected from your health – dealing with nagging ailments, low energy and not feeling your best, I can help. Set up a complimentary Discovery Session to get started!

My coaching services come in many forms, but all of my work is grounded in these key principles:

  1. Personal: I curate vast amounts of health and nutrition information so I can present you with clear, actionable recommendations based on solid science and real results. And these suggestions are just for you. Everything I offer is 100% personalized to each client and their unique health and wellness goals.

   just-for-you instead of one-size-fits-all

  1. Inclusive: I believe that a focus on adding powerful foods into your diet is easier and more effective than fixating on what not to eat. This is the cornerstone of my food philosophy, and means eating crazy delicious food filled with fresh ingredients.

eat more greens instead of avoid all cookies

  1. Inspired: I love this stuff and my enthusiasm is infectious! I’m not just providing you with one-time suggestions, but am empowering you to really take control of your health from here on out.

   a new healthy lifestyle instead of endless diets

Ready to learn more? Come get specifics on how I work as a Health Coach and what others have to share about working with me.

Rice Noodle + Veggie Bowl