My Food Philosophy

Everything at One Beet Wellness stems from my deep belief that food can spark an overall health and wellness revolution.  By choosing to make thoughtful, nourishing choices in our daily meals, we harness the innate healing potential of food and take ownership of our health.

Rest assured, these choices aren’t based on deprivation, or following the hype of the latest fad diet.  Instead, my work centers around the concept of an inclusive diet.  I focus on adding fresh, clean, healthful food into your life in a way that is fun and delicious

These are my guiding principles when it comes to food:

Inclusive: Rather than fixating on what not to eat, what nourishing foods can you try adding to your diet? By learning the nutritional benefits of foods (and how to shop and prepare whole foods), you’ll be excited to make smart choices and fill up on the good stuff.  And it isn’t long before these small changes add up and your whole relationship with food has transformed!

Whole Foods: One of the few things all nutrition experts agree on is the health benefits of eating whole foods from high-quality sources.  Eating foods in their whole, natural form makes all the nutrients more bioavailable (easily absorbed and used in your body).  And eating this way has the added benefit of easily avoiding all the junk that comes in processed foods.

Doable: As a busy mom and business owner, I don’t have endless time to spend on nutrition and health.  I’ve found the quick workarounds that actually work, small changes that deliver the big results, and strategies for fitting these nourishing habits into a busy life.

Plant-Inspired: Have you heard Michael Pollan’s sage advice to ‘eat food, mostly plants’?  I couldn’t agree with him more.  At least 85% of my diet comes from plants, but I do mix in some high-quality pastured dairy products, fish, and meat.  When you use plants as the base and inspiration for your meals you can’t help but make healthy choices.

Taste: Good flavor is the key to supporting a healthy diet and lifestyle.  If food doesn’t taste good, no one wants to eat it!  Too many people have the misconception that healthy food has to taste like cardboard.  I’m all about making food that is delicious, as well as nutritious, in a way that works for you.

This food philosophy is the foundation for my personal coaching, classes, and workshops because when you change your food, you change your life!  And I’ll be there every step of the way to show you how and celebrate your success.  So, come learn how to incorporate these principles into your life by working with me!