I love you too much to let you eat that

I Love You Too MuchAs some of you know, I’m a proud mama to my sweet little pup, Plum (#plumthepuppy on social media if you’re looking for a cuteness overload!).  One of her favorite activities is roaming the streets of Boston ‘snarfling’ (searching for disgusting tidbits that she can eat).  I’m usually on the other end of the leash steering her away from these various treats.

I’ve noticed a common theme that comes up – I love her too much to let her eat that crap.  Some of it is dangerous for her (like leftover chicken bones or chocolate), but most of it is just gross or bad for her (half-eaten sandwiches, random cookies or pizza crusts).  I want her to eat food that truly nourishes and supports her body instead.

I’ve heard many clients share the same sentiments when it comes to their children.  They are quick to make gourmet homemade baby food, limit sugar, and buy organic when it is for their children, yet it’s universally hard to practice the same habits when it comes to ourselves.  What would it be like if we could tell ourselves that we love our body too much to let ourselves eat junk?  What would it feel like if that was the motivation behind our food choices instead of negative emotions like deprivation and lack of willpower?

I think it would be pretty great!  Self-love is such an important habit to cultivate.  It’s the old airplane oxygen mask thing – you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others and bring your best self to the world.  And food gives us such a wonderful opportunity to practice self-love multiple times every day.  When we choose healthy, nourishing foods that really feed us, we show up for ourselves and act from a place of love.

So next time you’re faced with a food challenge try the self-love approach and see what happens.  Or think about cutie-pie Plum and if you wouldn’t feed it to her, it’s probably best not to eat it yourself.

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