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My philosophy is to celebrate the goodness of food.  That means making choices that truly nourish
and allowing food to be a source of health, pleasure, and community in our
lives.  Food is a gateway into the body and an opportunity to take a
proactive approach to overall wellness. I don’t adhere to any type of
strict diet, but I do have guiding principles that inform my choices about

Inclusive: I focus on adding healthy foods to my
diet instead of fixating on what not to eat. 
By learning the nutritional profile of my foods, I get excited about
making smart choices and filling up on the good stuff.

Whole Foods: Nutritional research has proven
again and again that whole foods are good for you.  Eating things in their natural form preserves
nutrients and increases bioavailability. 
This means learning to use traditional whole foods preparations, like
soaking beans and legumes, and cutting out the processed junk.

Sourcing: I eat local and organic food whenever
possible.  I learned this early on, growing
up on a farm in Vermont. Local foods keep me connected to the seasons and pack
my diet with nutrients.

Plant-Based: At least 85% of my diet comes from
plants, but I do mix in some dairy products, fish, and occasionally meat.  When I eat animal protein I try to make sure it
is from organic, small-production, sustainable farms.

Taste: Good flavor is the key to supporting the
four principles above. If food doesn’t taste good, we won’t want to eat
it.  I strive to make all my dishes
delicious, as well as nutritious.

Beet is a place to bring this philosophy to life through nourishing recipes and
suggestions for healthy, balanced living. 
Thank you for being part of the One Beet community and sharing this
journey together.

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