New Year: New Growth

IMG_0778As you know, I’m a big believer in taking time to reflect on life and setting intentions for the future.  New Years (along with birthdays and all other milestones) provides a perfect opportunity for these exercises.  The symbolism of a new year, and the blank slate of possibilities that comes with it, is just waiting for introspection and goal setting.

Last year I compiled a list of reflections, and this year I’m focusing on setting intentions for new growth.  I saw this pine tree on a hike and was captivated by the bright green new growth needles and purple hue of the baby pine cone.  How perfect that nature uses color to celebrate its new growth and development.  This image is a reminder for all of us to not only take time to set intentions and goals, but to celebrate this introspective process and our new growth that comes from it.

For me, this year is about taking risks.  In my work at Boston Children’s Hospital we often talk about our risk and believe philosophy.  In fact, it was one of the things that attracted me to Children’s in the first place.  This year I’m inviting that philosophy in to my personal life — taking risks and believing that the universe will support me in my efforts.  It is a time of manifesting dreams.

Energetically winter is the season of going deep and setting intention for the year ahead.  It is a time to slow down, look inside, and be honest with ourselves.  I have been connecting to this spirit of winter and finding the process fascinating.  Curl up by the fire with your journal and see what happens.  Ask yourself heavy questions about what brings you joy and what drains you of energy.  Find time for long talks with partners, family, and friends about what matters most.

I’ve been known to call this process ‘strategic planning for life,’ which T isn’t thrilled about, but really makes sense when you think about it.  If we don’t take time to create clarity about what we really want in life how can we possibly expect to achieve it?

Winter is that time.  Make the most of it!


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