Reflections on a New Year

I’m a sucker for New Years and all the reflections and resolutions that come with it.  There is something so satisfying about a definitive new beginning — the opportunity to fully asses what has been and set intentions for what is to come.  For many years I have written long journal entries looking back on the passing year (often including bullet points with the highlights of the year) and spent time thinking deeply about what I want to focus on in the year ahead.  There is nothing quite like it for a self-improvement wonk!

This year I spent New Years up in Maine surrounded by family.  My in-laws have an amazing cabin up in rural Maine on a beautiful remote lake.  The cabin is relaxing and reflective at any time of year, but it is especially perfect on New Years.  There is something incredibly special about welcoming in the new year curled around the fire in our PJ’s.

The peace and quiet in Maine also lends itself to my New Years reflections.  I tend to develop aspirations for the year ahead instead of goals.  My resolutions are rarely clear cut objectives – instead they are overarching themes, hopes, and areas of focus.

Here are some of the things I’m committed to in 2012 –

  1. Connecting with friends and family.  I want to carve out time each week to be in touch with someone I love who I haven’t talked with in a while.  I can too often get bogged down by work and obligations and neglect the people in my life.  This will be a year of meaningful connections!
  2. Making the most of living in Boston/Living in the present.  Although I love my life in Boston, I don’t think I’ll live here forever.  I want to be sure I am soaking up as much city life as possible before relocating to my farm in VT (I don’t have said farm yet, but maybe someday….).  I want to eat tons of ethnic food, see lots of theater, stay out late, and embrace urban living.  This is also connected to living in the present and making the most of where I am today instead of planning for the future.
  3. Exercise (just like everyone else!).  I have a strong daily yoga practice and spent time this past summer/fall creating a sustainable running routine (note – highlight of 2011).  I want to continue to make time and space to care for my body and push myself further in the year ahead.  I want to continue to prioritize running (even when it’s snowy and freezing) and begin to build a weight training regimen.  I’m not into the gym, so this will likely be in my living room, but you’ve got to start somewhere!
  4. Travel as much as possible (ideally at least once per month).  T and I have lots of travel on our pre-baby bucket list.  We’re good about taking a few special trips per year and trying to squeeze in weekend get-aways.  Last year we had a few months where we went on a fun weekend trip once a month and it was great!  I commit to finding time for a weekend away each month in 2012.
  5. Continue to be my authentic self and pursue things that truly make me happy.  Launching was definitely a highlight of 2011 and a clear example of being my authentic self.  Food, healing, nutrition, wellness, and spirit are all things I am genuinely committed to and launching this blog gives me official time and space to deepen my knowledge and understanding.  I’m excited to further develop this work in the year ahead and look for other authentic passions in the process.

I look forward to continuing my journey in 2012 and seeing what new adventures are in store for me!  I wish you all the best in finding your own meanginful aspirations for the year ahead.


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  1. Sarah P says

    Hi Z! I have a down day today of training and it is pouring rain outside here in LA so I thought I would catch up on your blog. I love this post and I am going to make that cider vinegar! Tons of good recipes! Thinking of you! keep it up! xxx S-

  2. Sabrina says

    I love the idea of you on a farm in Vermont!!! And, yes, you should eat all the ethnic food you can before you get here 😉

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