Spring Refresh & Renew: 10 Days of Clean Eating

Spring Refresh & Renew

The days are getting longer and spring is in the air!  I love the energy of spring.  I’ve always been attracted to the energetic pull of new beginnings, rebirth, and positive anticipation.

Spring is also an opportunity to refresh our eating habits – both eating the fresh foods of spring and shedding the less-than-nourishing eating patterns that may have taken up residence over the winter.  To help you make the most of this seasonal transition, I designed Spring Refresh & Renew: 10 Days of Clean Eating.

Spring Refresh & Renew is a 10 day meal plan and cleansing curriculum focused on whole foods, healthy habits, and detoxifying herbs.  This is not some sort of juice fast or trendy cleanse.  It is 10 days filled with real, clean, nourishing foods that will get you back on track and welcoming in spring as your best self.

What is included in the Spring Refresh & Renew?

  • 10 day clean eating meal plan and whole foods recipes developed by yours truly!
  • Weekly shopping lists to make for quick and easy trips to your local grocery store
  • Detoxification program using traditional herbs in the form of teas and infusions
  • Personal 30 minute check-in phone call with me to ask questions, discuss your progress, and troubleshoot challenges
  • Clear guidelines about what to eat and what to avoid during the program, so you can still eat out or cook meals that aren’t on the meal plan, if you prefer
  • Select readings providing a basis for the healthy choices that you’ll be making during the program and suggestions for lifestyle changes to enhance the experience
  • Private Facebook group with other participants for support and accountability

Why is clean eating important?

Just like any machine, the human body needs to be cleaned and maintained.  By committing to whole foods for 10 days you give your body a chance to clean-out and reboot.  It’s actually a two pronged approach – stopping the inflow of toxic and hard-to-digest foods into your body, and using supportive herbs to enhance your natural detoxification channels.

What can you expect?

  • Increased energy and elimination of brain fog
  • Regular and effective digestion
  • Sound and restful sleep
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Clear and radiant skin
  • A new understanding of what it means to nourish yourself
  • A sense of community with others in the program

Spring Refresh & Renew will begin on Monday, April 6th and run through Wednesday, April 15th

Participation costs $150 per person.  It can be more fun, and more effective, to do something like this with a buddy.  See if you can convince a friend or family member to join you!

An early bird price of $125 is available if you sign-up before April 1st!  Enter coupon code EARLYBIRD in the registration form.

REGISTER NOW to kickstart your healthiest spring yet!

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  1. Fernanda says

    Hello Zoe
    I am a client of Jeff I have a friend with a tumor on her pancreas, would it be appropriate for me to refer her to you? Can your services benefit a person with cancer? Please let me know. Thank you
    Fernanda Vadlet

    • Zoe Keller says

      Hello Fernanda,

      Thanks for reaching out! I would be happy to talk with your friend and see how I can help. My services do not replace the need for medical treatment, but there are certainly additional ways she can be supporting her body with food, herbs, and lifestyle during this difficult time. Please share my email with her – zoe@onebeetwellness.com. Thanks so much!

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