Deep Winter Nourishment

Deep Winter Nourishment

Hello friends!  I'm so excited to share my Deep Winter Nourishment virtual program.  This is a seasonal evolution of my 10 Days of Clean Eating program, and a reality check against all these trendy cleanses and detoxes floating around this time of year. What we need during the cold, dark winter is nourishment, not fasting.  This is the time to … [Read more...]

I love you too much to let you eat that

I Love You Too Much

As some of you know, I'm a proud mama to my sweet little pup, Plum (#plumthepuppy on social media if you're looking for a cuteness overload!).  One of her favorite activities is roaming the streets of Boston 'snarfling' (searching for disgusting tidbits that she can eat).  I'm usually on the other end of the leash steering her away from these … [Read more...]

10 Days of Real Food: Clean Eating Group Starts October 13th

10 Days of Real Food

Seasonal transitions are loving reminders to turn your gaze inward and focus on your body. It's time for a reboot after a summer of indulgence, and time to give yourself some intentional self-care and nourishing for the busy fall. To help you make the most of this seasonal transition, I'm offering 10 Days of Real Food, a clean eating group … [Read more...]

Spring Refresh & Renew: 10 Days of Clean Eating

Spring Refresh & Renew

The days are getting longer and spring is in the air!  I love the energy of spring.  I've always been attracted to the energetic pull of new beginnings, rebirth, and positive anticipation. Spring is also an opportunity to refresh our eating habits - both eating the fresh foods of spring and shedding the less-than-nourishing eating patterns that … [Read more...]

Fall Cooking Classes

Quinoa Pasta with Butternut Squash and Sage

One Beet cooking classes are back!  It has been so much fun to share my love of cooking healthy and delicious food through my cooking classes.  I can't wait to get back into it this fall!  Each class takes on it's own wonderful character and we inevitably end up having fascinating discussions while enjoying the fruits of our labor. This fall … [Read more...]

Summer Cooking Classes

Curried Millet Cakes

Remember these delicious curry millet cakes with feta yogurt sauce?  This is just one of the tasty One Beet dishes that we'll be cooking in my Summer Tuesday Night Dinner Series.  These cooking classes are available to clients participating in the Summer Jumpstart, or to anyone looking to come spend a fun evening getting creative with food. Here … [Read more...]

Summer Jumpstart

Summer Jumpstart

I'm thrilled to announce my Summer Jumpstart Package!  Summer is the perfect time of year to reassess your health and start living well - markets are overflowing with delicious produce, it feels great to exercise outdoors, and energy levels are high.  In the Summer Jumpstart we'll define your wellness goals and develop tools and tactics to achieve … [Read more...]

Spicy Black Beans + Sweet Potatoes

Spicy Black Beans and Sweet Potatoes

I have another fun guest post to share with all of you!  My recipe for Spicy Black Beans + Sweet Potatoes is up on Whole Foods Mom on a Budget today.  It is one of my favorites - spicy-sweet warm beans with fresh, green toppings. As you know, I like to cook big batches of dried beans and am always looking for creative ways to use them on day … [Read more...]

Tuesday Night Dinners

Tuesday Night Dinners

I'm teaching my first cooking classes!  I am absolutely thrilled to share my Tuesday Night Dinners series with all of you.  These are going to be fun, informative, and delicious dinner classes focused on quick and healthy weeknight meals.  I hope those of you in Boston will think about joining me, and those who live far away will help me spread the … [Read more...]