Freezing Tomatoes

Freezing Tomatoes

There are so many options for preserving fresh summer tomatoes, but for me, freezing them can't be beat!  My culinary-master aunt Jan opened my eyes to the world of freezing tomatoes and I have never looked back. I love to can.  But, canning tomatoes freaks me out.  The high risk of spoilage, food poisoning, and bursting jars doesn't sound good to … [Read more...]

When MD’s Prescribe Alternative Therapies


For a few years I have been part of a group called the Collaborative Medicine Working Group, which was recently renamed the Integrative Health Collaborative.  This group is comprised of many different alternative practitioners,  MD's who use complementary alternative medicine (CAM) in their practices, and people who are personally interested in the … [Read more...]

Passwords as Mantras


In this day and age we use passwords all the time -- to unlock phones, log into computers, or access  websites.  A few years ago T had to password protect his work blackberry for the first time.  As a rebellion against the inconvenience and a jab at the IT team he made his password 'Stupid.' This got me thinking.  Stupid is certainly not a word … [Read more...]

Embracing September!


It's September and it's starting to feel like fall in Boston.  Suddenly the humidity is out of the air, leaves are beginning to turn, and fall fruits and vegetables are popping up at the farmers markets. Although there are many things I love about the fall, my immediate instinct is to dig in my heels and try to hold onto summer for as long as … [Read more...]

Blueberry Picking


I love to pick!  There is something so satisfying about collecting your own food, deciding exactly which berry is right for you, tasting along the way, and seeing the full fruits of your labor.  I also love all the canning, freezing, drying, pickling, and preserving that typically come along with hand-picked bounty. Unfortunately T is not that … [Read more...]

Sundried Tomatoes

Sundried Tomatoes

I have recently started exploring the world of drying.  A friend gave us a dehydrator for our wedding and it has been really fun to play with drying different fruits and vegetables.  We got the dehydrator last fall after the tomato season, so I was waiting with anticipation for the first plum tomatoes to arrive in the farmers markets this summer.  … [Read more...]

Stop and Smell the Roses


I love gardening and all things related to flowers and plants.  As I walk around Boston I am often wowed by the incredible public gardens and beautiful brownstone front gardens.  Instead of simply admiring the flowers as I walk by, I stop and literally sniff them.  I can always benefit from an opportunity to slow down and foster mindfulness during … [Read more...]

Positive Psychology – A Week of Photos


A few weeks ago we had our office summer retreat.  We had Michelle Gielan from GoodThinkInc. as our keynote speaker on positive psychology.  It was a fascinating talk about the importance of happiness and positive thinking in all aspects of our lives.  The central theme was a happy brain is a better brain -- we all produce higher-quality work when … [Read more...]