Black Bean and Veggie Noodles

Black Bean and Veggie Pasta

  Even before I eliminated gluten from my diet I preferred to eat quinoa pasta.  I love the taste, texture, and high protein content.  I often recommend it to clients looking to upgrade the nutritional value of their dishes (or get their toddlers to eat something healthier!).  I'm still a committed quinoa pasta fan, but black bean pasta is … [Read more...]

Rice Noodle + Veggie Bowl

Rice Noodle + Veggie Bowl

Wow, this was delicious.  I’m new to using rice noodles regularly in my cooking, but this noodle bowl has me totally hooked.  It’s full of fresh and flavorful ingredients, can be flexible based on what you have available, and tastes amazing.  Plus it’s gluten-free and vegan! Rice Noodle Veggie Bowl Ingredients (serves 2): 1 handful of … [Read more...]

Double Stuffed Pesto Mushrooms

Double Stuffed Mushrooms with Pesto

As you know, I'm freakishly obsessed with mushrooms at the moment.  They were never one of my favorite foods growing up, so I'm having a bit of a mushroom renaissance.  Now that I've realized I love them, I just can't get enough.  And it doesn't hurt that I now fully understand all of their nutritional benefits - immune-boosting and cancer-fighting … [Read more...]

Veggie Lover’s Pizza

Veggie Lover's Pizza

Healthy pizzas are one of my favorite go-to meals.  They get a bad reputation for being filled with cheese and unhealthy ingredients, but in fact they can be an excellent vegetable delivery vehicle (particularly good for picky eaters!).  This pizza is overflowing with veggies, built on a whole wheat crust, and uses very little, if any, cheese. … [Read more...]

Balsamic Mushroom Toasts

Balsamic Mushroom Toasts

Watch out world, I'm obsessed with mushrooms!  No seriously, I can't get enough of them.  We've been learning about their medicinal benefits in my classes at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and I'm hooked.  They are another one of these powerhouse foods that seems to fly under the radar.  Not anymore!  One bite of these delicious balsamic … [Read more...]

Grilled Summer Pizza

Grilled Sumer Veggie Pizza

I love homemade pizza overflowing with delicious toppings.  It honestly feels like a different food from the crappy stuff sold at fast food chains and greasy restaurants.  Homemade pizza can actually be a health food - filled with veggies, made on whole wheat crust, and using just the right amount of cheese.  And, in addition to being delicious and … [Read more...]

French Lentils with Chanterelles

French Lentils with Chanterelles

We moved into our Paris apartment on Tuesday and celebrated by cooking our first french meal.  We spent a lovely afternoon walking through the markets on Rue Mouffetard and stocked our kitchen.  This meal really felt like "One Beet goes to Paris" -- lots of french ingredients, but definitely my cooking style and focus on healthy, delicious, simple … [Read more...]

Quinoa Pasta with Tangy Peanut Sauce

Quinoa Pasta with Tangy Peanut Sauce

This is one of my favorite recipes -- I love Asian flavors and this a crowd pleaser every time!   This version turns a typically unhealthy meal into a nutritional staple by substituting quinoa pasta for traditional white flour pasta, replacing chicken with tofu, and adding lots of veggies. Quinoa Pasta with Tangy Peanut Sauce Ingredients (serves … [Read more...]

Spring Quesadillas

Spring Quesadilla

I recently found a mother lode of delicious spring foods at the farmers market and decided to whip them all together into quesadillas.  They turned out to be delicious and are definitely something I'll be replicating in the future! I started by sauteing asparagus and shiitake mushrooms with onion and garlic.  When they were nearly finished I … [Read more...]