I love you too much to let you eat that

I Love You Too Much

As some of you know, I'm a proud mama to my sweet little pup, Plum (#plumthepuppy on social media if you're looking for a cuteness overload!).  One of her favorite activities is roaming the streets of Boston 'snarfling' (searching for disgusting tidbits that she can eat).  I'm usually on the other end of the leash steering her away from these … [Read more...]

Finding Balance Through the Fall Equinox

Finding Balance Through the Fall Equinox

The fall equinox takes place this Sunday, September 22nd, and represents the day directly in-between the summer and winter solstices.  On the fall equinox the amount of daylight is exactly equal to the amount of darkness.  It is the ultimate representation of balance, and a great reminder to connect with the season around us and look at balance in … [Read more...]

Thriving Through Fall


Fall and spring are seasons of change.  It's important to recognize these changes in our environments and in ourselves and make sure we're supporting our health throughout them. For me, there is a clear transition in what I eat as the weather turns colder and the fresh produce changes.  In the summer I eat lots of cold meals - essentially … [Read more...]