Winter 2015 Cooking Classes

Roasted Eggplant Parmigiana

Happy almost 2015 to all you wonderful people!  I hope you savored the holidays and are excited about what the next year has in store for you.  If you’re hoping 2015 is going to bring you a cooking class with yours truly then you are in luck!

Here’s the line-up for this winter.  I hope you can join us.

Wednesday, February 4th – {Back by popular demand!} Roasted Eggplant Parmigiana + Tuscan Kale Salad (GF)

Wednesday, February 18th – Spicy Carrot and Squash Tagine + Lemony Roasted Brussels Sprouts (V + GF)

Wednesday, March 4th – Healing Miso Soup + Roasted Veggie Salad (V + GF)

These small-group classes in my home kitchen are simply the best.  We make everything from scratch, and while we’re cooking I discuss the nutritional benefits of the ingredients, share healthy cooking tips, and answer questions from the group.  All classes take place from 6 – 9pm, cost $100 per person, and are open to all skill levels.  Please email me as soon as possible at zoe@onebeetwellness to reserve your spot.

If you’re unable to join the fun in these group classes, please be in touch to schedule a private lesson or group class in your home.

Looking forward to a winter of good food!

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  1. Debby Dluhy says

    all of your dishes look absolutely fabulous and I just wish I were in Boston enough to attend your classes. Not sure how best to get to your recipes. Are you thinking about some kind of electronic or hard copy publication in the near future? not experienced in blogging. would I just click the “follow me” button to get to them or will you be sending them out in the newsletter I just subscribed to? One thought is also to put them into some form of single, downloadable document that could be purchased by computer idiots such as me and kept for reference whenever needed or also printed out for ease of access.

    More and more folks like me are becoming non-meat eaters and i lean toward vegetarian options several times a week – ans if I use an animal protein it’s chicken or fish. So you are certainly in an attractive field for those of use who seek to do more with vegetables than “steam” or “roast”!

    Best to you – wonderful work!


  2. Zoe Keller says

    Hi Debby,

    Thank you for your kind words! I’m so glad to hear you are experimenting with more plant-based meals and feeling good about the results. You can sign up for my newsletter by clicking on ‘Join the Community’ tab at the top of the blog. You can also print the recipes from the blog. My newer posts have a print recipe tab imbedded, and the older ones can be copied and pasted into a word document.

    I have also been thinking about creating an ebook that I can sell on my website. Thanks for your words of encouragement! It is on my 2015 list, so hopefully I’ll get that up and running soon. You’ve given me inspiration to start it ASAP.

    I hope all is well in Maine and hopefully we’ll see each other at a Wheaton event sometime soon.

    Thanks again,

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