Corporate Coaching

One Beet Wellness offers a range of corporate wellness programs for forward-thinking companies looking to invest in employee health, wellness, and self-care.

Classes & Demonstrations 

  • Sample class topics include Natural Solutions for Stress Management, Healthy Grocery Shopping, Eating for Energy, and Boosting Immunity.
  • Demonstrations are typically focused on cooking and meal prep, such as One-Pot Dinners or Power Smoothies.
  • Participants receive printed handouts and recipes (which are also available electronically to share on internal blogs or wikis), sample whatever is made in class, and have ample opportunity to ask questions.

Personal Coaching 

  • Personal coaching sessions allow employees to get individualized support to address areas of concern in their health, wellness, and diet.
  • Participants leave each session with personalized, tangible suggestions to start making immediate progress.
  • Example topics of discussion include general daily diet upgrades, trouble sleeping, weight-loss, food allergies, digestive issues, and depression/anxiety.
  • Personal coaching is available on site and over Skype or Zoom.

Group Programs 

  • Group Programs bring employees together around a common health and wellness goal to build camaraderie and achieve results as a team.
  • Example topics include Sugar Cleanse, 10 Days of Clean Eating, or The Hydration Challenge.
  • Programs include an in-person kickoff class, detailed participant materials, accountability partners, and daily emails with reminders, recipes, and helpful suggestions.

Kitchen & Office Food Upgrade 

  • Review existing purchasing orders and kitchen offerings based on health and nutrition value.
  • Survey employees about what they are looking for from food services and explore what’s working and what’s not.
  • Create a custom purchasing plan (using existing vendors whenever possible) to bring healthier foods into the office and kitchen.

“Zoë Keller and One Beet have made wellness relevant, fun, and actionable at HubSpot with customized programming that helps our employees feel healthier and more energized, and our company’s commitment to well-being significantly more impactful. From 1:1 consultations to classes on soup, smoothies, and immunity, Zoë is creative, insightful, and compassionate, which is a great fit for our wellness offering here at HubSpot.”

 – Katie Burke, Chief People Officer at HubSpot