I have had a busy fall full of some unexpected changes.  Nothing too drastic, but significant change none the less.  I have been surprised to see how impacted I’ve felt by all of this change.

I have noticed myself having what I call head vs. heart reactions.  Intellectually I understand what’s going on, why it’s happening, and have complete confidence that everything will be OK, but at the same time I still have an emotional heart feeling about the situation.  It has been interesting to examine my responses and try to figure out the deeper meanings at play.

I have tried to use this as a time to practice rooting myself so I am in a strong place to respond to these changes without losing myself in the confusion.  I have focused on visualizations and mantras to reinforce my connection to the earth, strong foundation, and sense of self.  I like the image of a tree with deep roots being whipped about in a storm.  I want my own roots to feel deep enough that no matter what stormy weather assaults my body I am strong enough to withstand it without losing my balance.

It has been interesting to be thinking so much about my emotional and spiritual roots during a season when I am eating more and more root vegetables.  I’ve been trying to use these vegetables as an opportunity to reinforce my intention around building deep roots for myself.  Each carrot, beet, and sweet potato is a reminder of my affirmation and an energetic way to strengthen my own roots.  It’s amazing to explore the role food can play in our lives outside of our basic strength and sustenance.

I’m already feeling better after a few weeks of conscious rooting.  What techniques do you use to stay strong during difficult times?

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