Welcome!  I am Zoë Keller and this is One Beet Wellness.  I first became interested in health and nutrition through my own battle with digestive illness and subsequent healing journey.  As I learned more about food, medicinal herbs, and lifestyle changes, and witnessed them making a huge impact in my life, I began to feel a spark ignite within me.  It was the spark of empowerment, possibility, and hope – I have the power to heal myself!

Ten years later, I work to bring that same spark to the clients I support through One Beet Wellness.  I offer personalized health and nutrition coaching for people looking to take an active role in their health and healing.  We work to explore foods, medicinal herbs, and lifestyle changes that can free people from chronic disease and symptoms - helping my clients live happy, healthy, vibrant lives.

I am trained as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Medicinal Herbalist, and I have deep experience with Functional Medicine.  I bring all these resources to the table when working with private clients, leading corporate wellness initiatives, or designing classes and programs.  People come to me because I make these seemingly complex and confusing topics clear and actionable.  And because we achieve results!

Having been in private clinical practice since 2014, I have particular expertise in gut health, stress management, and food allergies, as well as working with a wide range of people and conditions.

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What sets my work apart

  • I'm Fun!

    I have an infectious enthusiasm for health and wellness and spread that passion and energy to my clients. I am often described as one part clinician, one part cheerleader, and one part loving mother.

  • My work is deeply personal

    I focus on progress, not perfection and find ways to make change work for each client. There are so many confusing health claims out there and it can be overwhelming to figure out where to begin. I help distill all that information, separate fact from fiction, and figure out which pieces to apply. Nutrition and health is a personalized science – there is no one size fits all solution. But it’s tremendously effective and freeing when we finally design a plan that really works for you.

  • I achieve results

    My practice has grown and flourished since it began in 2014 because I achieve results. My clients increase their energy, heal their gut, get off their meds, lose weight, start sleeping through the night, or make progress on whatever ailment brought them to me in the first place. Nearly 100% of my clients are direct referrals, which indicates how powerfully clients feel about our work together.

Private Clients


These deeply personalized sessions offer clients a chance to explore all of their health issues and to work together on tangible solutions.  I focus on creating meaningful change in a manageable way – if you take on too much at once, it won’t stick and you’ll be right back where you started.  Instead, we tackle healing sequentially so you experience shifts right away and are able to integrate each change into their long-term health routine.

We typically connect every 4 – 8 weeks until you are in a good rhythm and feeling healthy.  There is no minimum number of sessions required to work together – I am flexible based your needs and my clinical assessment of your health.

Zoë has been so supportive in helping me establish a healthy routine that involves great sleep, nourishing meal ideas, and other self-care techniques. She also helped me do the impossible - curb my sugar addiction!...
Elizabeth K.

Corporate Wellness

I work with a range of companies who are committed to creating excellent cultures of corporate wellness.  This typically includes classes, such as Eating for Energy or Natural Solutions for Stress Management, private client sessions with employees, and/or group programs focused on eliminating sugar or increasing hydration.

Corporate programs are tailored based on the needs of the individual organization.

Zoë Keller and One Beet have made wellness relevant, fun, and actionable at HubSpot with customized programming that helps our employees feel healthier and more energized, and our company's commitment to well-being significantly more impactful...
Katie Burke, Chief People Officer, HubSpot

Weston Internal Medicine and Wellness Center


I have been providing functional nutrition support for Dr. Janine Pardo’s patients since 2015 and joined her in Weston when she opened her private practice in 2016.  We work together to provide the highest level of coordinated and holistic care for our patients.  I routinely support people who have recently learned they have food allergies or digestive dysbiosis, are focused on weight-loss, reducing pharmaceutical medications, or are looking to use food and herbs more intentionally to balance their hormones.

I do not accept insurance, but am typically covered through flexible spending plans or health savings accounts.

Zoë helps my patients change their lives by motivating them to care about themselves and to change their behaviors; she does this in a way that is both caring and stress-free...
Dr. Janine Pardo

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