Embracing September!

Embracing September!
It’s September and it’s starting to feel like fall in Boston.  Suddenly the humidity is out of the air, leaves are beginning to turn, and fall fruits and vegetables are popping up at the farmers markets. Although there are many things I love about the fall, my immediate instinct is to dig in my heels and try to hold onto summer for as long as possible.  I begin calculating how to wear my favorite summer clothes one more time, tell myself to stay away from early fall produce because that will be all that’s left in a few months, and try to squeeze in a few more beach days while it’s still semi-warm.

Last week during my walk at lunch I saw the red leaves below sprinkling the ground.  Although it was beautiful, it definitely made me start to feel anxious about fall and sad about the end of summer. I resolved that day to make this the year I embrace September and truly celebrate fall instead of holding onto summer with all my might.

Embracing September!

Here is my plan of attack –

First and foremost, having this clarity about how I typically view the change in season has helped me recognize what I usually do and consciously decide to make a different choice.  By deciding I am jumping into fall head first I am setting my intention for my feelings about the transition.

Secondly, I’m not buying lots of fall produce yet, but I am getting a few things.  At the farmers market last weekend I bought some delicous looking early apples, but I’m staying away from the squash for another few weeks.  I’m still enjoying lots of summer produce, but I’m glad I’m also enjoying the first of the apples and catching them when they still have a starchy tartness.

Embracing September!

Next, I’m letting go of the summer wardrobe issues.  Yes, it’s sad that I can no longer wear my white jeans, but I have lots of cute fall clothes that I’m also excited to start wearing.  I’m going to wear them now before it gets too cold and I need to add millions of layers which always kill the fashionista style.

Finally, I’m going to set my expectations correctly for fun fall events.  We went to the beach this past weekend and I packed lots of extra clothes.  I let go of it being a bikini day (although there were some patches of warmth) and instead focused on my friends, the smell of the ocean, and the sand in my toes.  I hope I can do this with other events too.  Instead of trying to force things to still be summer, I am going to enjoy them for the beautiful fall that they are.

I will toast fall with a cozy polar fleece and a cup of tea!

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