Opening up to Spring

IMG_0385Spring is happening in Boston!  Each morning I walk across the Public Garden and watch the progress of the tulip bulbs.  They mark one of the first early signs of spring and once they get going they seem to grow incredibly quickly.  At the same time the trees are starting to bloom, the sun is feeling stronger, and the birds are chirping away.

I love spring for many reasons.  Top on the list is the spirit of the season, which is filled with positive anticipation.  Spring marks the end of the long cold winter and the rebirth of the earth.

I feel a connection between the spirit of spring and many of the attributes I’m trying to cultivate in myself – opening, growing, warming, and blooming.  As I keenly watch the daily developments of spring in the natural world around me, I make connections to my deeper personal work.  What aspects of my life would I like to see blossoming?  Where can I stretch in new directions?  How can I best nurture my inner self as I grow?

Connecting myself to the seasons is balancing for me.  It helps me feel grounded and present.  It is so easy in our busy lives to get caught up in a project at work or start planning our next vacation.  We can live in the past and prepare for the future and miss the present entirely.  Focusing on the spirit of the seasons and watching the natural changes in the environment is a perfect reminder to come back to the present moment.

Enjoy the flowers and warming sun this spring, but also take a moment to look within yourself and set an intention for your own blossoming.

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