Healthy Habits, Happy Women Workshop

6a015433877b2b970c01b7c6ce1597970b-800wiThose of you who subscribe to my email newsletter know that I’m teaching a really fun Healthy Habits workshop on September 10th (add your email to the subscribe box in the top right corner of this page to get in on the newsletter fun!).  I’m teaming up with two other fabulous ladies to bring you an inspiring evening filled with fashion, food, and fulfillment.
Here are the details –

Healthy Habits, Happy Women Workshop
7:30pm – 9pm
Wednesday, September 10th
Kidville, 34 Central St #010, Wellesley, MA

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The workshop is built on the proven concept that healthy choices inspire more health choices.  It becomes a snowball effect – once you start taking a clear look at your life and making positive changes, it becomes easier and easier to keep up the good work and add more health habits to your repertoire.

We’re each sharing our top three healthy habits in our areas of expertise (fashion, food, and fulfillment).  We break-down each suggestion, explain why it matters, and share effective strategies to implement each habit into your life.  You’ll walk away with more clarity about how you’re living your life, a plan to begin making positive changes, and new connections with other like-minded women.

Obviously I’ll be tackling the food component of the evening, but let me briefly introduce you to my colleagues who will be presenting on fashion and fulfillment.

Soojin K. Chu – Fashion Consultant and Personal Shopper at Swagger & Glide,

Debbie Tyson – Professional Coach at Mobilize Coaching,

I hope you’ll join us for a fun evening of exploring how to transform your appearance, your health and find more balance and fulfillment in your personal and professional life!  Click here to register.

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