Black Bean and Veggie Noodles

Black Bean and Veggie Pasta

  Even before I eliminated gluten from my diet I preferred to eat quinoa pasta.  I love the taste, texture, and high protein content.  I often recommend it to clients looking to upgrade the nutritional value of their dishes (or get their toddlers to eat something healthier!).  I'm still a committed quinoa pasta fan, but black bean pasta is … [Read more...]

Spicy Black Beans + Sweet Potatoes

Spicy Black Beans and Sweet Potatoes

I have another fun guest post to share with all of you!  My recipe for Spicy Black Beans + Sweet Potatoes is up on Whole Foods Mom on a Budget today.  It is one of my favorites - spicy-sweet warm beans with fresh, green toppings. As you know, I like to cook big batches of dried beans and am always looking for creative ways to use them on day … [Read more...]