Zucchini Mint Fritters (and Tomato Basil Fritters)

Zucchini Mint Fritters

We made tomato fritters in one of my Greek cooking classes and they were outstanding - simple, whole foods ingredients and lots of flavor!  Unfortunately they were also deep-fried, so I decided to try making a similar version at home that could be cooked in a pan - none of the deep-fry and all of the deliciousness, well, almost all. Zucchini … [Read more...]

Grilled Summer Pizza

Grilled Sumer Veggie Pizza

I love homemade pizza overflowing with delicious toppings.  It honestly feels like a different food from the crappy stuff sold at fast food chains and greasy restaurants.  Homemade pizza can actually be a health food - filled with veggies, made on whole wheat crust, and using just the right amount of cheese.  And, in addition to being delicious and … [Read more...]

Summer Veggie Quinoa Salad

Summer Veggie Quinoa Salad

I am a big believer in quinoa.  As someone who focuses on a mainly plant based diet, this complete protein grain is a terrific addition.  Plus it tastes great and I like the little squiggly grains. I use quinoa a number of ways, but by far my favorite is in salads.  You can use virtually any vegetables you have on hand and create a delicious, … [Read more...]